Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Marijuana and Laugh Therapy

So, just a little bit ago I was looking over what the ONDCP (Drug Czar's Office) thought about marijuana. Apparently they think it causes depression among youths based on some "studies". I thought to myself, "This can't be right." I continued "Whenever I stop to think about it, smoking cannabis has made me a happier person today." and then I continued to think about what I have noticed as a pot smoker and frequently spends time around other people while pot is and isn't an influence. I must say a vast majority have a great sense of humor no matter what, and that while under the influence people seem to be a little more giggly. When I was watching BBC one fine ganja filled day, I saw a report about Laughter Therapy. This was something that particularly caught my attention. There was a man named Dr. Madan Kataria who had opened over 600 laughter clubs all throughout India. These clubs would meet every morning for a 20 minute laugh session to prepare everyone for the day ahead and to keep them refreshed and energized. So I tried it, for a few mornings afterward, I would begin with some deep breathing for about a 3 minutes then spend 30 of some mediocre laughter, breathe for another minute or so and then laugh intensely until I was satisfied with how I felt. It was very rewarding. After a while I stopped. Doing crazy things like laughing hysterically early in morning can bother some people, so I decided to stop my personal "therapy sessions" instead of just finding a different location to practice.

Marijuana has a great effect on people's moods and sense of humor. I have noticed that whenever I am around someone who I'm enjoying the sweet leaf with or they just arrived from a little session with their buddies they always seem to want to smile and laugh. The smallest things could send us flying into laughing fits. And afterward, I remember that refreshed and energetic feeling I had once before. I have recently regained my interest in Laughter Therapy and find that when I choose to have to have a session during .. a session, that it increases my high and can be quite contagious and cause others to just enjoy the moment. While there is no current link between Marijuana and laughter therapy, I believe that have found a way to cure/alleviate depression symptoms easier with the use of marijuana. I'm willing to put that test in any lab.

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