Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Perhaps, Better Understanding Your Cause Starts With Understanding Your Opponents

How do we win this fight in ending cannabis prohibition? I am willing to bet my life savings on saying that every activist has asked themselves, their friends, their twitter followers, whomever they communicate with about that very question. While no perfect answer can be had, or else the fight would have been won already, there are still some great pointers that can help everyone be the better advocate.

1. VOTE!

Voting is the single most powerful power given to the people of the United States. It is your voice on paper! When you go to polling stations you are deciding who stays, who goes, and how much freedom you allowed to have. Keeping up with the things that go on in legislation, both local and federal, as well as putting research in to who are upcoming candidates will keep you an informed voter. Don’t forget to advocate voting to others too! Some people may not know the importance voting has on our society and local communities, and it’s important you let them know they have a voice in the change and growth of our country!

2. “Knowledge is Power”

The best tool you will have in your activist’s arsenal is your brain, your noggin, if you will. The same thing that helps you eat, breathe, walk and talk is the same thing you’ll use when advocating responsible use and debating those who may not see your ideas eye-to-eye. Be sure to stay informed on local, federal, and global issues. There is new information coming out everyday and it may seem difficult to keep up with, but there are many marijuana reform blogs and news sources that provide a steady source of useful information. Read what you can not only to learn but to keep your brain active and constantly refreshed. Puzzles and brain teasers are a great way to keep your mind exercising during down-time. Eating healthy also ensures good brain activity and can prevent the sluggish-minded feeling some marijuana users may accustomed to, as well as ensure that your body is just as healthy.

3. “Keep Your Friends Close, But Your Enemies Closer.”

While it may be over used in action movies, this is also a concept that can prove true when it comes to activism. Those who oppose marijuana reform can receive all the information we can and find ways to twist it around to be negative. By listening to debates and interviews that are done with our public opponents you will learn what rebuttals are regularly used when concerning factual information is presented. Keeping all three of these activism pointers in mind, will help you be the better advocate and help put us one step closer to reaching our goal of full marijuana legalization.

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." – Gandhi

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