Thursday, August 12, 2010

To all the haters and those who want to listen.

I recently posted this as a comment to the article "Peter Lewis resigns from the Marijuana Policy Project" at If you would like to see the article for yourself you can follow this "link"

Wow, nothing but extremely negative comments. I understand there are a lot of crooks out that are in the top roles of quite a few anti-prohibition. "Such is life". If you all really wanted marijuana legal, it would be done already. You all have the power to vote(unless you are an "illegal"). You all could have chosen the right people to be in office. You all could have campaigned for those people who better serve our cause. You all could advocate anti-prohibition and reform of marijuana laws. Think about it. All the time you guys are wasting on just throwing up words on to your keyboard that are directed towards absolutely nothing, you be better educating yourselves on current marijuana studies, laws, and views by your peers. If you want something changed, you have to be the change. Run for office if you meet the qualifications. Better educate yourself in the history of politics in our country.

I say all this not to nay-say anyone, but come on guys and gals, grow up a little and please stop being so ignorant. We need to show people that marijuana smokers are not violent people who act on rage and hate at first site of something not being to our liking. Of course I don't mean this to everyone, but you all know who you are. This also goes for people who are thinking of writing more comments that are just a complete waste of cyberspace.

Why don't you all get together with other like minds in your community and go door to door to see how your neighbors feel about marijuana legalization. See if you can get their email to inform them about upcoming bills that will go through Congress or the Senate and advocate to them to write to your elected officials, as well as informing them about people that are going to run for an elected office so that we can make sure we have the right people in office. There are so many ways to better help our cause than saying fuck this person, fuck that person, fuck you. Yes, there are morons out there, but you should have realized that by the time you started going to school. As I'm pretty sure we're not allowed to throw email addresses around here, I can only ask that you visit my blog.(Which is currently only in it's beginning stages)
I will soon post some ideas that you can use to help get the change flowing. You all can be the voice of the nation, it's just a matter of taking responsibility. I wish you all great fortune and a life time of peace and love!

This is something I'm finding frequently at multiple sites that post about different people doing different things when it comes to the issue of marijuana reform. I would like suggest some different ideas for bettering our chances at reforming marijuana laws. I will go over the ideas in later posts but I wanted to have this comment stand as a "landmark", if you will, that people can reflect on as they go to make there next comment on any web page.

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